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Positive Addictions
September 2, 2015 @ 9:28 AM by:

William Glasser describes in his book six steps to a positive addiction:

1. It is something noncompetitive that you choose to do and you can devote an hour a day to it

2. It is possible for you to do easily and does not take a great deal of mental effort to do well

3. You can do it alone or rarely with others but you do not have to depend on others to get it done

4. You believe it has some value (physical, mental or spiritual) for you

5. You believe that if you persist at it you will improve (completely subjective)

6. The activity must have the quality that you can do it without criticizing yourdself. You have to completely be able to accept yourself or it will not become addicting.

I have some questions/thoughts for discussion that I am really interested in hearing from all of you:

· Does anyone out there have this experience of 'positive addiction'?

· For those who meditate, have you been able to find this place of PA?

· Has anyone used these types of addictions to overcome negative addictions?

· Do you see any negative influences on your lives from these 'addictions'?

· Are there activities beside running or meditation you use to get in this state?

Positive addicts report feelings of withdrawal such as sluggishness, guilt, lethargy when they do not engage in their addictions for as little as three to four days. The positive aaddiction engagements allows then intrinsic rewards. Some report increased feelings of well-being, energy, confident.

Sometimes people have been known to substitute a negative addiction for a positive one. We are collecting people's positive changes that they do on daily basis. These might include exercise, diet, healthy eating,..., anything you engage in for an hour several times a week. Let us know how you did it.

· Did you have difficulty?

· What worked?

· What did not work?

· Tell us about some of the benefits.

· Tell us about some unexpected outcomes.

Your answers will be kept confidential. They will be used in a new book '30 Days to a Positive Change'.

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