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Letter from Dr. Joan Neehall re: The Habit of a Happy Life
October 12, 2017 @ 4:05 PM by:

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

As you know, I have been a professional in the field of psychology for a long time. And you may also know that my areas of specialty include forensic assessment, psychological assessment, affective disorders, behavioral disorders and cognitive disorders.

What you may not realize is that I have a new book out! It is such a pleasure and a privilege to announce the release of The Habit of a Happy Life: 30 Days to a Positive Addiction written with Dr Jeffrey K Zeig. The publication date — selected to coincide with the Evolution Conference — is December 12, 2017.

Now, I have been quietly helping people change their lives for the better for decades but this is my first foray into the big world of self-growth. And, frankly, I could use your support!  Social networking is, of course, the engine of current marketing. It is the fuel-injected word-of-mouth!

The Habit of a Happy Life offers amap of new possibility. It is a realistic perspective on how to introduce and maintain positive changes in one’s life. And it presents a step-by-step model for individuals to follow, whether with the support of a therapist or coach, or independently. Dr Zeig and I have culled our work with hundreds of clients to develop this program — what has really had impact, at what junctures do people need the most scaffolding, ways to ensure that slipping back is still moving forward, innovative activities to strengthen the muscles of optimism.

I hope that you will want to share information (and enthusiasm) with your network about the book. Here are some ideas …

Preorder the book now — you can have it in your hands before its official publication:

The book is available in 7 x 10 workbook format. It is a softcover book with loads of exercises and tips for hanging in with new practices. It even helps people figure out which new habits will best fit current lifestyles, challenges, and preferences. Go to: positiveaddiction.com to order.

Post positive reviews on Amazon! The more buzz, the more buzz.

It’s a long way to creating a bestseller, but it’s also one step at a time. Your positive comments will absolutely help the book find its audience. Logically, it is current readers’ observations that most powerfully influence potential readers. The book will be on Amazon beginning December 1st — we would love to flood it with your kind words starting then so that by the 12th there is a deluge!

Order several copies

Whether to use with clients or to give to friends this holiday season (eke, right around the corner), we are happy to offer bulks discounts.

Share our short promotional videos to your social media:

     link for the Facebook ad:


     And the Vimeo:


We have created some brief statement videos so that busy people can have quick access to the project and our vision.

We very much appreciate you taking a moment to read this request. I know how busy everyone is these days!


With appreciation,

Joan Neehall, PhD


PS So proud to share a few of the advanced comments on the book:


“The Habit of a Happy Life: 30 Days to a Positive Addiction is a wise, practical, effective program that can literally change your life in a month.”   

                                        — Daniel G. Amen, Author of Memory Rescue and Change Your Brain, Change Your Life


“Reading this book is like having the authors as trusted and informed friends leading you step-by-step on the path to greater happiness. Of course, you have to do the work, but the quizzes and exercises are fun. Along with achieving new, positive, life-affirming habits, you’re going to learn more about yourself than you can possibly imagine.”                                                                                                                                                                                                   — Harriet Lerner, Author of The Dance of Anger and Why Won’t you Apologize?


“If you've ever felt as if you've been spinning your wheels and going nowhere fast, this book will give you the traction you need to transform your life! In this refreshingly down-to-earth and enlightening book, authors Zeig and Neehall challenge us to break free from destructive habits that prevent us from getting the most out of life, and harness this energy to create new, more productive ways of thinking and behaving.  Their step-by-step, 30-day program for learning how to replace enervating behaviors with life-sustaining ones, both instructs and inspires. This book is a must-read for anyone wanting more joy in life.”                                                                                                                     

                                             — Michele Weiner-Davis


“I love the idea of POSITIVE ADDICTIONS taking the place of the negative addictions we treat every day.” 

                                            — John Gottman, Author of The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work 


“Jeff Zeig’s knowledge, empathy, intelligence, and innovative approach to supporting human beings in their challenges are unrivaled. This book with Joan Neehall — its insights and wise guidance — has the power to both support and evolve the recovery movement itself.  Each page is drenched with healing opportunities.”                                                                                                              

                                           — Alanis Morrisette, Singer, Songwriter, Podcaster, Activist


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